• Fridge, cosmétiques fraiches sans conservateurs

    The Fridge creams are the only in the world not containing synthetic substance or alcohol. Their shelf life is two and a half months in refrigerator.

  • Rosa Canina

    Each Frdige skincare product contains active principals and precious essential oils such as Neroli or the La Rosa Canina.

  • Rosa Canina

    All plant ingredients of the Fridge come from an organic agriculture and one part them we grow in our Cistercian plantation dating the 13th century.

  • 100% écologiques.

    Clochee brand was born thanks to two passionate women, Daria Prochenka and Justyna Szuszkiewic, who wished to propose effective and healthy products, manufactured in Poland and 100% environment-friendly.

  • clochee3

    The Clochée products were created to combine the pleasure of eyes and body with natural, healthy cosmetic products, showing that beauty does not exclude the preservation and respect of the environment.

  • naturels et sains

    Our products contain no parabens, silicone, mineral oils or paraffin or petroleum jelly, or synthetic or synthetic flavors dyes, or surfactants, or carbomers or propylene glycol!

In Poland, beauty secrets are passed from mother to daughter since many generations. In this central Europe country, known for its health cures where the beauty also requires the respect for the nature, demanding women during the last years have created organic cosmetics brands which are increasingly making the name.

Magdakena Beyer was the pioneer of cosmectic products 100% fresh and alcohol free perfumes. With Fridge by yDe, she proposes unpreserved skincare products, without synthetic substances and alcohol-free, products that differentiate with the innovative concept in full respect of the nature. Every product is made of an unprecedented active ingredients and essentials oils just as precious as the Néroli or the Rosa canina. Thanks to Fridge your skin breathes. The very best of organic cosmetic.

Daria Prochenka et Justyna Szuszkiewicz for their part, have created Clochee, an ecologic cosmetic brand combining natural simplicity and refinement. Making the skin even more beautiful, their products are guaranteed paraben free without chemical substances and contain only ingredients that correspond to organic standards, and most have been certified Ecocert. Manufactured with strict respect for the environment, Clochee’s skincare products attract more and more women looking for natural ingredients as aloe vera, cinnamon, beet extract and sesame oil. An eco-responsible range and truly respectful for skincare.

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