History of Clochee

Most of us dream of having a fascinating and enjoyable job. This was dream too and we pursued it by founding Clochee. We now do what we love, what we are interested in and what we are good at. We want to share it with you.
Our idea to Clochee, introduce a new eco brand to the market, arrived by chance and developed over time at a natural pace.
The duo behind Clochee are: Justyna Szuszkiewicz an experienced cosmetic developer and Daria Prochenka a skilled businesswoman. Their passion, knowledge and ability translates into providing you with an efficient, healthy and 100% eco product.
Other available brands do not meet our high expectations when it comes to size, price and quality. We have therefore developed for you a new line of cosmetics that fulfil our own needs. Clochee is our perfect product. We want to show you that healthy, natural beauty products can be attractive and eco at the same time. What may sound like a fairytale in reality took hard work and meticulous research.
We are planning to expand our brand in stages by gradually introducing new products. We want you to find here everything that your body needs.
Daria Prochenka & Justyna Szuszkiewicz

" Never put off till tomorrow the pleasure you can have today ”

We have nothing to hide

We do not compromise when it comes to our eco brand. We take responsible care in producing and packaging our products which is as important to us as the quality of our cosmetics.

Our products do not contain:
• silicones • mineral oils
• paraffin • parabens
• synthetic dyes
• synthetic flavourings
• synthetic substances
• ethoxylated substances
• propylene glycol
• carbomers

Our philosophy

• We use the power of plants and minerals and stay true to nature.
• Our strength lies in the quality of our products, assessed and certified by experts.
• We show the eco-friendly cosmetics can be healthy, beautiful and elegant.

Our mission
• Back to nature - is not just an empty phrase, it is the beauty source.
• Be eco-friendly - We are looking after our environment,
and show you that being green can be easy.
• Smile - The essence of natural beauty bottled in our products
will make you shine with positive energy

Our cosmetics are made of:
• natural ingredients
• raw materials certified by Ecocert
• organically grown produce from approved farms • chemical-free fragnances

We choose:
• butter made from plants
• cold pressed rich oils
• natural ethereal oils
• plant extracts • natural preservatives
• certified active substances

We use:
• economical and eco-friendly packaging
• bottles made from Post Consumer Recycling sources (PCR) and other recyclable sources such as aluminium and glass
• oxo-biodegradable jars using d2w technology
• cornstarch packing peanuts